Movio is continuing the jamband jazz-tradition into 2024; new material by composer Martin Landahl and every-Thursday-practices is promising, indeed. Gigs are scarce but at least two in september (14.09.24) and october (15.10.24). The first with guitarplayer Per Ahlbom and the later in collaboration with wellknown tabla-virtuoso Suranjana Ghosh. Exiting, and gives hope for the future. 

If you want to hear us play live, don´t hesitate to contact us at 

Movio continues exploring new material and instrumentation as both Martin and Bengt have started to play traverse flute again. Martin an alto flute and Bengt a soprano one. Our guitar player Wal Stib continues his hiatus since the pandemic. We all miss him a lot. Kristjan is setting in with a shortscale Höfner bass that everybody in the band likes. Drummer Jonas has continued in his pursuit to master the tabla. Ingemar, our keyboard wizard and also our youngest member, continues to bless us with his inventive playing. Our guitarplayer Wal Stib is still hibernating, but we pray for his return.